Can be reduced

Reduction to the bare essentials: With the omission of the fold at the top and bottom that is characteristic of the steel can and the additional wall thickness optimization, up to 30 % and more can be saved at the same time. The material thickness of top, bottom and body can be individually optimized.

Our laser weld seams enable the manufacturing of very stable joints despite the reduced wall thickness, with remarkably high compressive strengths. The associated models were created and tested in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institut.

Can be beautiful

It’s a steel can! With the Caprosol “Qube LD” you manufacture attractive aerosol cans without folding.

With the innovative laser technology the “Qube LD” creates an elegant can design. The geometric appearance of the mono­block laser can has a sales-boosting effect. Additionally, tops with a modern look can be applied and individually designed.

Can be decorated

Appearance is key. The modern mono­block design of the Laserdome steel cans offers completely new design possibilities with sleeves or digital printing.

Because of the advantageous can shape the entire surface – from the bottom to the one-inch opening – can be used for the product design. Tactile and olfactory enhancements that intensify the buying impulse can be used, especially for the sleeve technology.

Because of the can design and the almost smooth surface, cans manufactured with the “Qube LD” offer ideal conditions for digital printing as well as other innovative enhancement techniques.

Of course there is the option to use traditional printing methods.

Digital print

First digital printing tests showed also very interesting results.